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  • Children's Swings

    Children's Swings

    We have a great collection of swings which are designed for your garden and children. Our chilren's swings range from individual swings, double and triple swing sets, and the popular see saw swing.
  • Children's Slides

    Children's Slides

    We all loved the slide when we were young, so it's important our children enjoy them too. Get them off the computer and down one of our children's slides.
  • Accessories


    If you are looking for add ons or replacement parts for your jugle gym then visit our accessories page. We also have swing seats and sandpit lids.
  • Winter Toys

    Winter Toys

    Getting outside in the winter is difficult for children. But we can help with our winter toys collection, featuring great products such as the Airboard and Softboard snow sledges.

The Playworld Blog


Xmas is coming


Christmas is coming and it's time to think about what we're going to get the kids. I know the weather may not be at it's best but  it's still a great time to think ahead and buy presents that can be used later in the year.

With this in mind lets take a look at the top ten selling items this year, hoefully some of them may spark your imagination and provide some ideas for the holiday season.


1. Garden trampoline

This is of course a classic and never goes out fo fashion. The  kids trampolines we stock are a firm favourite and provide great value for money. 

2. Wooden Climbing Frames

Whether the garden is big or small there are outdoor climbing frames to suit all tastes. Safety is also important so we also have safe climbing frames to suit all budgets

3. Childrens Slides

As a kid Slides we're my favourite, they may be old school but kids slides and garden slides, provide great value for money.


4. Garden swings

How can you not like the swings. Scream of you want to go higher. We have a great range of kids swings and wooden swings, 


5. Playhouses,

Indulge your kids imagination. Our range of garden playhouses will allow your kids to spend hours in the garden being creative and having fun, we have many type of playhouses including a Wooden Playhouse
and kids playhouses


6. Jungle Gym and jungle Gym Climbing Frames 

Always a great seller and a deservedly so, great qulity and build



7. Sandpits

Last but not least, kids sandpits are always a favouite for young and old. Check out our children’s sandpits, wooden sandpits and plastic sandpits,



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Myatts Field Park

Lets Go!!


For most of our kids the summer holidays are coming – for some of us they’re here upon us.

I know that the weather not been great, but they tell me that it going to be getting better, so I say – Lets go out and play!

Don’t stop, Lets just go. We don’t want any more excuses as to why to stay in.  Here are some things you could look to do outside

1. Go fishing. Find a rod and reel, head down to the river and see what you can catch.
2. Camping in the back garden. Pitch the tent, enjoy the weather and sleep under the stars, make a campfire.
3. Have a watermelon spitting contest. Oooh, I like this one, so much fun and tasty too.
4. Go to you local woods and find a trail, a little hiking is good for the soul. If you live in London there are still plenty of places to go to. Check out greenchain.com for places to go to.
5. Run through the sprinklers at your local park. Check out my brilliant local park in South London
6. Try Geochaching. I know you have no idea what it is, but its soooo much fun with the kids. There will be locations near your house, school, holiday etc

Come on, let not waste another minute. Out you go!

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